Why join our CSA?

If you are looking for our CSA membership agreement form please download it here as a pdf or .doc file. 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and being a part of a CSA represents a meaningful commitment to eating locally and supporting your neighborhood farmer.  Buying a CSA share is like getting a subscription to a magazine; by paying a fee up-front, you get a weekly share of vegetables based on what is in season at our farm.

By being a part of our CSA you are helping us plan our growing season while snow is still on the ground! Farming is a labor of love, but to ensure that our farms are financially viable, we rely on the guaranteed income that our CSA provides at the beginning of the season. Your membership fees help cover our springtime costs before the harvests begin.

Your connection to our farms is also a connection to the environment where we all live. Bounties in your share will be based on the growing season that nature provides us. Having a CSA provides a safety net for farmers, in case one of the crops we depend on at market gets damaged or destroyed. Finally (and most importantly!) the CSA model creates community– each week you have the chance to hang out with the people who grow your food, and we get the pleasure of checking in with the people who eat what we grow.

The farmers at Foggy Notion Farm are excited to provide our members classic seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. We also will give members new and exciting varieties of food each week. You can see what vegetables will be newly harvested each month right here. Providing for the weekly CSA share is a big part of our farm plan. We grow food for you. 

Our CSA provides members with a consistent supply of salad greens, fruits, squash, alliums (onions, leeks, garlic), root vegetables, cooking greens, and herbs.

What is in a typical share?

Weekly shares vary greatly by the time of year and what is in season. In many cases you will have choices between items that we offer, but we have listed some sample shares.

An early June Share might be: 

Half Share: 1 bunch red giant mustard greens, 1 pint shelling peas, 1/2 lb Spinach,  1/2 lb arugula, a choice between a bunch of french breakfast radishes or baby harukei turnips and a bunch of leeks.

Full Share: A full share would contain everything in the half share in greater amounts, and a few other items such as 1 bunch of red russian kale, a bunch of beets and a choice of spring herbs such as dill or chervil.

A late July Share might be:

Half Share: 1 lb of mixed baby Zucchini, 1/2 lb of rainbow green beans, 1/2 lb cucumbers, 1/3 lb arugula, 1 lb Padrone peppers, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes and 1 bunch of scallions.

Full Share: A full share would contain everything in the half share with additional items such as garlic, fennel, potatoes and eggplant. 

A Mid September Share might be: 

Half Share: 1 small head of red cabbage, 1/2 pint of husk cherries, 1/3 lb of arugula, 1 lb cured onions, 1 bunch of harukei turnips, cillantro, 1 lb eggplant and 1 bunch carrots.

Full Share: A full share would contain everything in the half share with additional items such as butternut squash, leeks, dried beans and tomatillos.


Supplementary Shares

We are extremely excited to collaborate with two amazing producers to offer our members wholesale pricing on additional shares this year. We've picked producers who we think are unique and have products that would add variety and culinary excitement to our vegetable share.

Exotic Mushroom Shares

Exotic Mushroom Shares from RI Mushroom Co in West Kingston RI is offering our members 10 different varieties of their beautiful, delicious mushrooms grown in Rhode Island. If you purchase a mushroom share you will receive wholesale pricing on your mushroom order, freshly picked each week for our members.  Because of the difference in prices between mushroom varieties, you will receive different amounts each week. 

Mushroom Shares will cost an additional $11 a week, and will rotate through the following varieties.

-Blue Oyster-  -Gold Oyster-  -Shiitake-  -Crimini-  -Medium Portobella-  -Large Portobella-  -Maitake-  -Pioppino-

Fermented Vegetable shares

F&M Fermented brings you a season of delicious fermented treats made mostly from vegetables grown chemical free in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. F&M Fermented products can be purchased at the Fertile Underground Grocery in Providence, Rhode Island.

The same organisms that make these foods sour provide support for healthy digestive and immune systems. F&M Fermented sells all products raw and alive.

Fermented Vegetable Shares will cost $7.33 per 16oz container, 9% less than retail value! Sign up for weekly or bi-weekly Fermented Vegetable Shares.

-Kimchi- -Sauerkraut- -Pickled Beets- -Habanero Turnips- -Pickled Radish- -Fermented Coleslaw- -Root Kimchi-



Providence @ Fertile underground Grocery

  Tuesday Afternoons Between 5-7pm                                  1577 Westminster St, Providence, RI 


Bristol @ East Bay Bikram yoga

Tuesday Afternoons Between 5-7pm                                      36 Gooding Ave, Bristol, RI