Adam Graffunder

Adam grew up on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. After an education in computers in Seattle, he moved to Providence where he befriended Nathaniel. He started his first urban farm at Florence St. and Manton Ave. in Olneyville in 2011. He has been excited about food preparation and plants longer than he can recall. Other related interests include fermentation, maple syrup, and cooperative business ownership.

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Nathaniel Wood


Nathaniel Wood is a small scale farmer born and raised in Rhode Island. Nathaniel got his start at City Farm in the south side of Providence where he learned about bio-intensive farming. He later started Front Step urban farm in Providence and pedaled a compost pick up business in a 6 ft. trailer. Nathaniel lived in the California for a few years where he ran a backyard CSA in Berkeley,  taught compost workshops & gardening at Garden for the Environment, and learned new farming techniques at Little City Garden in San Francisco. Inspired by the sea mist of the Pacific, Wood returned to his tiny state of Rhode Island to build a farm in his favorite state park - Snake Den.  He loves growing fresh, beautiful, strong vegetables pesticide-free for Rhode Islanders and friends.