Adam Graffunder

He grew up on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, in the midwest United States of America. After an education in computers and bicycles in Seattle and moving to Providence, he met Nathaniel and started his first urban farm at Florence St. and Manton Ave. in Olneyville in 2011. He has been a transportation cyclist since 2006, and excited about food preparation and plants longer than he can recall. Other related interests include fermentation and cooperative business ownership.

Nathaniel Wood


Nathaniel Wood is a small scale farmer born and raised in Rhode Island. For the the past few years he learned from, built, made a living off of and moved Front Step urban farm in Providence. Nathaniel got his start at City Farm in the south side of Providence where he learned about biointensive farming. A master composter, he pedaled Farm In A Cart bicycle compost business with a 6 ft. trailer in the west part of Providence to produce soil for his urban farms. Recently, Nathaniel has been taking notes about his next farm while living in the Bay Area of California.  He has enjoyed running a backyard csa in Berkeley, CA,  teaching compost workshops and gardening at Garden for the Environment, and has been learning new farming techniques at Little City Garden in SF. Inspired by the sea mist of the Pacific, Wood returns to his tiny state of Rhode Island to build a farm in his favorite state park - Snake Den.  He loves growing fresh, beautiful, strong vegetables pesticide-free for Rhode Islanders and friends. 

Jenna Johns-Yu

A trilingual (english, spanish, mandarin) native San Franciscan, Jenna has spent half of her adult life on the East Coast studying architecture at RISD and Yestermorrow. As the director of Recycle-A-Bike and a teacher at The Red Shed in Olnyville she trained the next generation of bike mechanics. Working with Skillfull Means Architecture she has designed and built several strawbale homes and buildings, all the while serving as a collective member at Cycles of Change in Oakland, CA. Jenna is excited to put her design and build skills and knowledge to work at Foggy Notion Farm in the coming years.